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TalkLove Africa Foundation conducts a Needs assessment on Family Support Programme Primary School

We embarked on a visit to the Family Support Programme Primary School to ascertain the general wellbeing of the students an identify areas where urgent intervention is needed and use the data gotten to plan towards an intervention programme. The objective was to garner necessary data that would help in planning for a project.

The visit started with a walk-tour round the school premises which was led by the permanent secretary, Ministry of women Affairs, Mrs. Uche Uriiri. She was accompanied by the school’s Head Teacher, TAF Team and a few other persons from the ministry. The students were gathered in a larger classroom and was addressed by the permanent secretary. She applauded the students for their wonderful behavior in school and appreciated their teachers for the effort the put into bringing out the best in the children. .

The MEL Officer, Mr. Amos Oluwatoye spoke to the children on the need to broaden their scope in the choice of their career path. He told them that times have changed and being a Medica Doctor or a Lawyer is no longer the only prestigious professional career path. He also told them on the need to embrace the tech space as a career prospect. The Executive Director, Mrs. Cynthia Obinwanne asked the children to individually state and write what they want to be when they grow up. She also asked them the uses of a laptop/computer. She then told them to be inquisitive towards learning about the computer.

Being that the day was also the International Women’s Day, the children also collectively wished the women a Happy International Women’s Day and also thanked their female teachers for their good works. The visit ended at with a one-on-one interview with the permanent secretary, the head teacher and a few students.

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