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Mrs. Ako (not real name) is a young widow who has been struggling to make ends meet since she lost her job last year due to the covid 19 pandemic. Feeding her five children became a challenge as she pins hope on the Goodwill of people.

We learned about Mrs. Ako's plight and decided to train her in bookkeeping as well as support her with capital to start a business. All thanks to an anonymous sponsor. Months down the line, we went on a routine visit & guess what? Mrs. Ako now provides her community with locally made bleach, liquid soap, disinfectants & antiseptic solutions. This young widow utilized the capital in the production of household cleaning products.

"Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime"

Chinese Proverb.

The story didn't end thereā€¦ Being a trained nurse, she also bought BP machine, Typhoid, Malaria and Sugar level test strips. She now run these tests at a negligible price for the poor in her community who could hardly afford laboratory bills. The quote "Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime", has proven itself to be true again.

Next step is BRANDING and helping her scale up her Business.

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What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. Each face in the rainbow of colors that populate our world is precious and special.

Morris Dees

It does not matter how much we donate; it matters whether the donation is meaningful. How to define meaningful? Let society and history judge.

Ronnie Chan

Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words.

Ibrahim Hooper

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